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Thanks to information technology. You can now easily use your mobile phone, computer and social media platforms to find free foods, food banks and top free food centers in Belgium and beyond. However, to assist you find more free foods, we researched the web to get you more browsing options to find all the free foods and free samples you need. Here are some of the top brand name companies, restaurants, organizations, pantries, charities, and legitimate websites to get free foods in Belgium.

Food Banks in Belgium | European Commission
Meet Jozef Mottar and Luc Rogge In operation since 1985, the regional food banks provide free food to charities like soup kitchens and shelters that are helping people living below the poverty line. Those charitable organisations then hand out free food parcels or provide people in need with a decent, cooked meal.

Belgian supermarkets donate 460,000 meals to food banks
Belgium’s supermarkets have committed to donating 223 tonnes of foodstuffs – enough to serve up 460000 meals – to the country’s food banks.

More than 150,000 people in Belgium use food banks
The Belgian Federation of Food banks was set up 30 years ago. To mark its 30th anniversary the Federation has released figures that showed the actual numbers.

Refugee Food Program Volunteer Program in Brussels | IVHQ
Getting enough food can be unaffordable for many, but Belgium has a handful of initiatives. As a volunteer, you’ll help in food banks, soup kitchens and community centers, catering for people. Pick a destination + project and apply for free.

Community Support Actions — Extinction Rebellion Belgium
Please check the website for donation centres near you or call, Volunteer for tasks including babysitting, supportive listening, food delivery, and more.

Food aid – Food security – Federal Public Service Belgium

Homeless Solidarity Free Food Distribution Belgium
Belgium. Logo person. 27 total participants. Cause covered by this activity. Social Inclusion. Objective / Goal of the activity. Homeless Solidarity Food Distribution -cooking & distribution of food to people in need. Helping is always free!

Free Food Distribution Belgium
products and companies. It’s time to get a taste of Belgium! Browse over 1,300 Belgian food companies and their products.

Record year for food banks in Belgium
Food banks in Belgium distributed a record number of meals last year, with charities warning that “the poverty rate is constantly increasing”.

Free Food Distribution Centre – find Xmas relief at Brussels food centre
The Kamiano food distribution centre in Brussels is expecting 20 people to enter a food bank in the centre of Belgium’s capital city, Brussels.

Free Food Distribution – UNLESS Belgium
Cooking is done in the facility in order to bring hot food to the Central Station to feed 100-150 homeless people three times a week with at Unless ASBL (Avenue des Combattants 70, 5030 Gembloux, Belgium). Please feel free to contact.

Habitual food consumption of the Belgian population

Free CHEP pallets for food distribution Belgium
CHEP Benelux encourages its Belgian and Dutch customers to donate food surpluses to the Food Banks.

Product/Food Distribution – Kubo Supply Belgium
We are the exclusive distributor for several Belgian products like Atomic energy, duty free channels worldwide, also covering an important part of West Africa. Kubo is most recognized importers/distributors of branded food & drinks delivering to many countries.

Warming the stomach and the soul: the School Soup – Belgium
Set up on 6 August 1914 by the National Relief and Food Committee, the School Soup programme defended the importance of free food for all Belgian children.

Flanders: distribution fries consumption Belgium
Food & Nutrition. This statistic displays the distribution of the fries consumption in Flanders (Belgium) in 2018, by type and place.

M.S. Distribution Belgium
Company profile: The company M.S.Distribution was founded (1990) as a registered partnership in Belgium, for importing and marketing of Kosher food products.

Capital Food Distribution Company Profile Belgium
Company Snapshot; Related Companies; Available Contacts – Free Plug-in! Capital Food Distribution is located in Leuven, FLEMISH BRABANT, Belgium.

Belgium: distribution of the turnover of food producers
Food & Nutrition. As of 2018, the Brussels region accounted for the smallest share of turnover of food manufacturers within Belgium.

Cargill: Provider of food and agricultural products
Learn about Cargill’s products & services, worldwide locations, company, perspectives on issues facing Cargill and news, corporate responsibility, stories and many more.

Community Kitchen — Holy Trinity Brussels
It is for all those who want to help provide good, nourishing food to sustain those who are hungry, homeless, or vulnerable in the city.

SANI Mediterranean – Food & Wine Distribution Belgium
With professionally equipped vehicles, there is delivery in Brussels every day, and weekly in other regions of Belgium.

Find Agents and Distributors in Belgium
Medical Products Sales and Distribution, Belgium. Supply wholesalers, Exporters, Suppliers, and Distributors, Trading companies, retailers, duty free products. Export Manager for international companies in the food, plastic,flavour and more.

Food Drink Europe
FoodDrinkEurope represents the European food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the EU in terms of turnover and employment.

BELGIUM/FRANCE: Colruyt buys French food distributor
Belgian food retailer Colruyt has said its French food retail and foodservice firm Pro A Pro Distribution has signed an agreement to acquire the company.

The Belgian Food Retail Market – FAS Europe
The annual revenue of the Belgian food retail industry is incresing. Traditional supermarkets remain the largest distribution channels. The EU also has several free trade agreements with many nations.

Lunch 4 Refugees – Serve the City Brussels
Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the distribution of food, hot drinks and more. Very comfortable to those who may be hoping to call Belgium their new home one day!

Good Food strategy Belgium – Bruxelles Environnement
Representative of the Belgian and Brussels food chain. Brussels is also the first “GM-Free” region in Europe: all outdoor genetically. In Brussels, food distribution is dominated mainly by supermarkets.

Habitual food consumption of the Belgian population
The habitual food consumption of the Belgian population (3-64 years). The distribution of habitual food consumptions and proportion of persons are (88%) bread and cereals (83%) and water and sugar-free drinks (73%).

Belgian food companies at SIAL – Fevia

European Halal Food Distribution Company Profile: Sign up for FREE and unlock the number of results you can get access to. Free registration gives you also access to more details.

Need Free Food? – Food Lifeline
Use the map below to find a Food Lifeline partner food bank, food pantry, or hot meal program in your neighborhood. This food is free and available to you. Those wishing to take home boxes can receive a drive-up no-touch distribution, and there will also be walk-up distribution.

Free Food packaging agents & distributors | Belgium
Agents and distributors in Belgium for Sirane’s food packaging division. Earth Packaging agents & distributors. Plastic-free salmon boards.

CLF Food Distribution Belgium
An independent retailers, striving to provide premium health and wellness products in a manner which optimally reduces carbon footprint and food miles.

Hunger in Belgium | The Borgen Project
Belgium contributes to reducing global poverty with many food aid programs. The distribution of free food to those who suffer from food insecurity is managed by the project.

Distribution of food products Belgium | Europages
Belgium: Browse through 38 potential providers in the distribution of food products industry on Europages, a worldwide B2B sourcing platform.

Food Services | Catering Service – Ciano International
Food and Beverage Services and Solutions. With robust procedures and analysis of ingredients, suppliers, and in the preparation and distribution of meals.

John van Hengel & food banks – History of Social Work

Free Food Distribution – Plukon Food Group
The KuikenaeR, part of Plukon Food Group, is an important link in the supply of meat in slaughterhouses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland.

Quality & Matters | Fine Food Import
Quality & Matters is your source for imported specialty foods and gift baskets. They provide labels of food brands for various customers, mainly in the food distribution sector. Sparkling, alcohol free apple juice, 100% natural, without added sugar. Contact Filip for all inquiries about sales and support in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Trendy Foods Belgium

Pioneer Foods: Branded Food Producer & Distributor
Pioneer Foods is one of the largest South African producers and distributors of a range of branded food and beverage products. Pioneer Foods operates mainly in African continent.

Enjoy Delicious Sweet Treats from Belgian Boys
Need a sweet snack, breakfast, or dessert? Belgian Boys is here for you! Indulge well with our highest quality products. Order now and dig in.

Orange County Free Food Map – OC Food Help
Provides a mobile food pantry that distributes fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods. Most of the free, fresh produce items set up in a farmers market-style distribution.

Omega Food Importers Co. Ltd.
Omega Food Importers is a recognized industry leader specializing in importing foods. Have expanded Canadian food distribution network to span throughout all of the Canadian provinces, and Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Romania, Italy, France, Belgium, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Frigolanda Cold Logistics in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Frigolanda is a full-service cold logistics company. Within the Benelux region, offers are warehousing, order picking, distribution and other services.

RTYC Belgium organized food distribution
RTYC Belgium organized food distribution to needy people via Homeless Centre in Antwerpen. Stay safe and take care.

DeKalb partners with Atlanta Community Food Bank for food distribution
First African Community Development Corporation Food Pantry at Big Miller Grove. Sign up for free newsletter.

Portevinho is a distributor of Portuguese wines and port wines
PorteVinho is a Belgian distributor, importer and reseller of Portuguese wines. We strive to inform you which wines are paired best with which food.

Refrigerated Transport Companies Belgium
All companies transport temperature controlled goods and are specialized in frozen food products transportation, distribution and cold logistics.

Free Food Distributions — Tulare County
The Neighborhood Market Program is a farmers’ market-style distribution which delivers fresh produce foods. You can also visit the website: 35576 Tule River Drive.

Logistics in the Food industry A vision on 2021 – Deloitte
The food industry is highly influenced by this change in consumer demand patterns. Think about upcoming and organic, GMO-free and non-artificial ingredients and additives. Pattern is designed and produced by the Creative Studio at Deloitte, Belgium.

Whether you reside in Belgium or just visiting, try to discover how to get all the free foods you need because there are tons of free foods everywhere in Belgium. For those who are still struggling to find the free foods and other freebies, we researched the web to find you the best organizations that offer best free foods and other free samples in Belgium. There are tons of free foods scattered everywhere in Belgium, but how to locate them have always been a problem hence most of the foods got rotten and goes to waste.