How To Get Freebies Online Without Surveys

Looking for freebies online without boring surveys but don’t know how to get them? Welcome on board. We have enumerated some easy steps to get quality freebies online without answering annoying surveys. If you search the internet, there are thousands of websites offering different ways to get freebies but not all are real. Therefore, you have to make sure you are linked to the legitimate freebies given away by companies who use them as promotional tools to introduce new products and attract new customers. However, there are freebies scattered in every nook and cranny in every country, you just have to know where and how to get them. At the same time, there are tons of websites offering freebies but there are also lots of fake sites. We have researched and carefully selected some of the best websites and apps where you can get quality freebies online or by mail without huddles. Here we provide you with options to browse as many freebies sites as you can, all gathered in one website.

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Get Freebies Online Without Surveys

1 – Follow and Like the companies on Twitter & Facebook. Most freebies companies tend to appreciate their followers in social media, and would not hesitate to send them any amount of freebies requested. Besides, the companies are also using freebies as promotional tools to lure in new customers. If you like to get as many freebies as you want, simply follow and like as many companies as you can find on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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2 – Disregard the online surveys
If you have time to spend, take online surveys. Though it’s time consuming but you can earn money and gift cards on online survey sites. And the companies can send you quality freebies after the surveys. However, you can opt out of the surveys, and the companies will still send you freebies because they use them as promotional tools to attract new customers.

3 – Use your library card
If you have a library card, it’s an asset. Use it to get freebies such as free educational and entertainment resources. Your library card also provides you access to free movies, free music & games downloads, and more.

4 – Request for sample products
You can simply work in any store and look for free samples. Most stores provide a section filled with freebies for anybody who likes to try the product at home. Besides, you can also get free samples by mail from most manufacturers. However, if you are not able to find the free samples you want, you can simply browse the company website, and make online request.

5 – Try your luck and enter sweepstakes
If you believe in luck, try if you can win something. Sweepstakes and contests gives you good opportunities to win prizes. Always be on the lookout for sweepstakes and contests from your favorite companies. And do not enter any contest that asks for your credit card or Social Security numbers. Don’t enter too good to be true free offers.

6 – Look for national food holidays for free foods
There are several holidays that honor almost every food item in many countries. Use social media platforms to locate restaurants or food stores that participate in such events.

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7 – Download best app for freebies
Look for the best cash-back and rewards apps that can help you get quality freebies without surveys. And also enable you to earn points for visiting websites or checking out products online.

8 – Checkout online community marketplaces for freebies
Visit Facebook groups and other great community marketplaces that offer freebies. There you can find quality used items people are giving away.

9 – Sign up for a free trial
Join companies offering free trial and test and keep promotions. Who knows, you can get free smart phone, free TV, free snacks or meals, and more by signing up for trial periods. The trick is to sign up with as many companies as you can find.

10 – Use your credit card rewards
If you have a rewards credit card, then you can use it to redeem points, miles or cash back for things like hotel stays, flights and gift cards.

11 – Use coupons
If you have coupons, you can use them to score freebies. Now many stores and top brands issue free items, and promotional offers – buy one, get one free.

12 – Provide opinions on products or services
One of the best ways of getting freebies is by providing your opinions on products or services you have previously used. Most marketing companies are always asking people to share their experience on using the products or services. However, the companies also use the information to determine new marketing strategies to be developed. You can also sign up with “Get Paid For Providing Opinion” websites and earn extra cash.

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If you’re in the U.S and you are an Amazon Prime member who does online shopping most of the time then say YES to Amazon Freebies! It’s a bunch of freebies being given away by different companies to promote their newly invented or old products. One thing is for sure, you will continue to get the freebies because the companies are giving away free stuff as marketing tools to lure in new customers.